Thursday, 1 April 2010

Cropped top & Tapas.

I just had a £6 lunch from the glorious Wok to Walk in Soho and I feel almost disgusted with myself that I spent £25 on a meal at La Tasca last night (and HP has just placed a Snog on my desk which will definitely beat last nights desert) I really didn't want to come across as a negative blogger, but if the nosh isn't good then I'm gonna tell you about it.

So HP and I decided to have a separate goodbye (it's not goodbye, it's 'see ya later') and because she's a Northampton gal we decided to go to my ends. I anticipated a full, bulging stomach because you ALWAYS over order on tapas, but I went crazy and wore a crop top!

(Jeans - Topshop, Belt - Republic (later removed), Crop top - Joy, Bow - Asos, Boots - Asos)

I really like that crop top, it's not too short so can be worn day and night. I sometimes rock it with a high waisted black bodycon skirt to glam it up a bit. The bow is great for short hair as us crew cutters can't do much to our locks, so I try to add different coloured bows or pretty headbands to mix things up a bit.

God this Snog is good.

So we had great intentions - sitting outside under the heaters, drinking morgans spiced and coke whilst smoking endless cigarettes (I wonder if I'll lose readers for that comment?) and munch on some steaming, tasty tapas. Oh how wrong we were.

It started off well - we were wrapped up warm and drinking a much needed R&C, reminiscing about our time spent working together and the many adventures we got up to. Then we realised we were freezing, so popped inside to get a table. The place was actually really attractive - good lighting, spacious and the tables weren't so close that you could nick a chip without the person next door realising. Our waiter, Rog, was a bit flustered considering he only had four tables (it's not a lot, trust me - I've been there) but was sweet enough. We ordered some bread with dipping oils and olives:

I absolutely hate olives, but have decided to teach myself to love them. I did it with coffee, red wine and goats cheese, so this shouldn't be too hard. If you are doing the same, DON'T get taught by La Tasca. They were very obviously from a jar, an old jar. Terrible, terrible after taste. The bread was stale and lifeless but would have been slightly passable if it had been warm, unfortunately it was positively chilled. The dips were OK, HP liked the tomato and oil number where as I stuck to good old garlic. Love garlic.

During this we ordered a bottle of the house red which was a Viura Monterio from Castilla, and for the cheapest on the menu it was absolutely gorgeous.

Then food came:

Calamari, fresh (?) salad, chorizo, garlic chicken, beef stew & patatas bravas. Sigh. I don't think I have one good thing to say? Apart from the patatas bravas tasted like chips and cheese from a kebab shop, which, when you're drunk, is great.

A few dishes stick out though, for all the wrong reasons...

The calamari looked anaemic. It tasted like it too. Limp, luke warm and soggy. The only promising factor was the ailoi, but putting a little garlic in some mayonnaise isn't that difficult. Just... no. Never again.

The crispy, fresh salad turned out to be a squidgy, old mess. Browning avocado, wilted spinach and cucumber that actually upset me. Tasteless and oily. I felt quite offended to be honest.

The rest was just plain boring. No real Spanish flavours, a kick of chili here or a sprinkle of coriander there would have been greatly appreciated. Maybe dessert would make up for this mess? Yes, a dark chocolate and hazelnut torte sounds lovely, thanks.

Excuse the picture. We are not actually children who play with our food, it was actually to prove how rock solid the torte was. I am guessing it was removed from the freezer about 15 minutes prior to our order. You could have used it as a deadly weapon, which I was sorely tempted to do so when they forgot to take the 50% off our food. No hazelnut, watered down jam disguised as a coulis and The Worst Strawberries Ever on the side. I died a little bit inside.

It's such a shame! The setting, area and atmosphere is great! It is a perfect spot for a group of girls/boys, a family or a first date, but at the end of the evening someone would get a clip round the ear for putting their company through such torture.

If you have already eaten at one of the lovely restaurants around Fulham and the night is young, pop to La Tasca for a bottle of red and NOTHING ELSE.


  1. Ahh Camilla, if I had been running that show, it would NEVER have happened...and you're right, 4 tables pah, try 12 per section in a double booked restaurant full of xmas parties..oh that's right, you have!
    Love the blog gorgeous girl. x
    Kate James-Mann (ex boss extraordinaire)

  2. Kate! So nice to see you're reading. I definitely had Christmas at The Living Room in mind when he was serving us - especially after returning after having a collapsed lung and doing 150 covers by yourself!

    Hope you carry on reading. I'm definitely going to try and get a TLR review in! x

  3. Nothing offends me more than soggy Calamari.
    Amen to you for calling out something when it's shit - you're streets ahead of 80% of bloggers already! ♥

  4. Ha, thanks Gem. I have The Ritz on Sunday and I'm praying it's not shit because people will think I am a Simon Cowell wannabe! x

  5. Love the bow, it suits you!
    x Petite Annabel