Friday, 14 May 2010

A mixture of food & outfits.

Whoa. It's been a while. I have moved house and we have no Internet so I have been relying on my not so trusty N95 to tweet/email and stalk people. I have just ordered an iPhone though so yippee.

Since I last updated not much has changed, I am still looking for The Dream Job and things are hugely looking up but I'll keep quiet until everything is sorted. 'Citing. So for this post I thought I would chuck all the outfits and food that has stood out over the past few weeks!

The last place I wrote about was Roast and you may remember the effect that the gorgeous pork belly had on me. So one sunny Saturday myself and T decided to head down to Borough Market and sample the delights on offer. First thing we see is a pink fizz stall which I have to admit got me very excited, so we promptly ordered two and got a little giddy. So much so I coughed during a sip and sprayed it everywhere, luckily T knows I am a bit of a prat so it was funny and not horribly awkward.

After sampling as much as we could, we decided to choose our favourite stall to get lunch, however the pull of Roast Takeaway was playing with my heart strings and we gave in, resulting in the most beautiful pork belly bap with apple sauce. To die for:

(Shirt - Primark, Playsuit - Topshop, Jeans - ASOS, Bag - New Look)

I just want another one right now. The pork was moist and tasty, the crackling was absolutely perfect and the apple sauce was nice and sour with a creamy texture. Little bit of tommy sauce to top it off = perfect walking lunch. We ended the day drinking more pink fizz, eating fudge brownies and generally loving London.

Next up is a quickie to let the world know that on the contrary to what La Tasca may have you thinking, not all Tapas in England is greasy and microwaved. It was a friends Birthday in Oxford and we decided to escape the clutches of the the city centre and go somewhere a little more niche. La Plaza in Jericho! I love Jericho, great cocktail bars and good restaurants. We all decided to dress up a little so I went for a touch of nude and lace:

(Skirt & Top - Topshop, Shoes - Dorothy Perkins)

The place was buzzing with large groups taking up most of the table. We had a set menu, however due to the tequilas we consumed before hand I completely forgot to take pictures of the food before we tucked in, so here is some half eaten tapas:

The prawns were especially good. Meaty and covered in garlic, just how I like it. The bread was warm and fresh, good solid plates of cured meats and cheese and some of the best patas bravas I have ever tried. That's a win for me! The Appletini I ordered in Angel afterwards went great with the pre bought M&S cupcakes, too:

JD from Scrubs had nothing to do with my drink choice.

Last but not least, a late Sunday dinner with T after he played cricket and I drank rose in a pub whilst reading. No outfit picture, but the steak needs a mention. From The Torriano in Kentish

Cooked beautifully medium-rare, chunky flavoursome chips and a great horseradish cream. The steak was served on top of the chips which always puts me off as I prefer tommy sauce with them, not blood. But apart from that, epic steak.

I will make sure it's not too long before the next update. It's my Birthday tomorrow so I'm sure some sort of lovely food will be consumed.


  1. Hi Cam, do you cook much? I'm looking for a new job too so find it cheaper to eat in. Good luck on your job hunt.

  2. I love that lace top from Topshop. My friend has it in cream and it looks ace. As always, this post made my hungry! x

  3. Those cupcakes look delicious!

  4. That steak looks amazing!

  5. love your topshop outfit and your hair is great!

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  6. Great outfit and yummy food :)))